It Might Be a Red Flag If...: A Humorous and Inspirational Guide to Dating Jennifer Lopez Author
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It might be a red flag if his profile picture is a mug shot. It might be a red flag if he has more covered up tattoos than actual tattoos. It might be a red flag if you can never go to his place. It might be a red flag if he tells you he loves you on your first date.    After being single for more than ten years and going through breakups and bad dates, author Jennifer Lopez realized she had been missing the red flag warnings in these relationships. In It Might Be a Red Flag If…, she shares her personal experiences and those of other women in dating situations.   Some humorous, some serious, Lopez offers a list of signs that may save a heart, bank account, liver, marriage, or even a life. She includes signs and advice to help women see past red flags and figure out why they let themselves get hurt or stay with men who are abusive or not right for them.   In It Might Be a Red Flag If…, Lopez communicates through whit and humor it’s ok to be single. She encourages women to learn how to protect their heart without hardening it and to live free from self-doubt and pain caused by others. Happiness always comes from within as you learn more about yourself and what life has in store for you.


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