Here Comes The Night: A Novel Thomas Thonson Author
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In that fulcrum moment in the early sixties, when America seems poised before an avalanche of social, cultural, and political changes, five people's lives interconnect in unexpected ways on the palm lined streets and studio back lots of Hollywood. A genre-blending work that is part thriller, part love story, part Hollywood noir, Here Comes the Night dramatizes the personal and political awakening of two women--an activist nun and a grieving housewife--caught up in the civil rights fervor of John F. Kennedy's nomination at the 1960s Democratic convention in Los Angeles. It goes further to mine the pathos of a writer toiling in the Hollywood dream machine as he begins to realize that the medium he loves has become out of touch with the changing times. And finally, it charts the journey of a budding psychopath and killer as he manifests his lifelong obsessions while triggering a terrifying doppelganger in the detective who tracks him. Weaving these stories together and bringing them to a startling climax, the book creates a haunting tableau of time and place.


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