Whispers Through the Veil: : The Poetic Philosophy of Thoughts and Inspiration John Harrison Author
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Whispers Through the Veil is a series of poems and prose that have been compiled from John Harrison's personal writings to rekindle the collective imagination of the world as well as to give insight into aspects of life that people do not always consider on a day to day basis. The second book, The Poetic Philosophy of Thoughts and Inspiration, is dedicated to the ideas of Thoughts and Inspiration. These two ideas marry well together because on occasion thought can lead to inspiration and vice-verse. Many times a bolt of inspiration forces us into deep thought, while other times great thoughtful discussion cause us to leap whole heartily into the bolt of inspiration that hits us from the blue. That is what happened with this book. It was through a well thought out discussion that I was inspired to split the original book into the more digestible chunks that you have here. So please enjoy this excursion into the recesses of my mind.


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