Heaven's Treasure Within: The Spirit, the Mind and Body, and the Soul: Inspirational Poems Jeanette Evans Lewis Author
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I pray this book of God’s Heaven’s Treasure Within blesses your socks off the way it has done for me as I wrote the Words from God’s treasures of wisdom. It’s designed to give healing to the broken hearts of this world and to save us by grace. No matter what occurs around your surroundings, at this very moment, I recommend Jesus for all of your shortcomings. He has all the answers to your unanswered questions. He’s waiting on you to come to him on bended knees with thanksgiving. He has answers for his children through their power of praises and their faithful prayers. His love is sufficient for you and me today. Today, let Jesus loves you the way the sunshine shines upon the lilies of the fields. God’s love for us is an unconditional love; no height or depth can separate his marvelous loving arms from reaching deep down in our inner spirit to give us hope for tomorrow. David danced before God with all his might, and God was delighted of David’s praises. David became the apple of God’s eyes, and there, we need to be pleasing in the eyes of our Lord: May this book richly bless you and your family on a journey of God’s divine love of inspirational poems!


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