ZAGREB - A look at the city through its people Jasmin Krpan Author
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Photo story about people of Croatian capital Zagreb city. When traveling first we meet new countries at border crossings. This is the first layer of the picture of a country. The faces of customs officers are more or less the same throughout our world. We hardly remember them after leaving the border. Streets, buildings and historical sites are the second layer of every city. The New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum or The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco are parts of our common visual culture regardless of whether we live in the USA, Germany, Croatia or Sweden. Underneath this layer of landmarks lies the third layer. One that is every day new. This layer is web of the people on the streets. These are faces we hardly remember after leaving the places we visited if dont hang out with them. This layer cannot be understood in a few days, but this is what colors the picture of every city in every country. It is life in visual form that we can take a look at. The scene that is different every second. This book shows the third layer of the picture of a city, the people of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Although few pictures in this book are of Zagreb's landmarks, for those who never visited Zagreb, it is a story of the people who live in Zagreb be they old, young, poor and rich, fashionable or less fashionable. It is a glimpse of some of the 800.000 people who live in Zagreb. Photographs were taken from the autumn 2011 through the summer of 2012.


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