Timmy the Fish Sean A. Kollman Author
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Timmy the Fish is a full color children's story about a small fish who is bullied at school by some of his older peers. With the help from his friends, he learns how to overcome these bullies without resorting to violence. At home or school, Timmy the Fish serves as an effective discussion tool when talking to children about bullying. The following are letters by students from a North Dakota 2nd grade class that read Timmy the Fish with their teacher: I learned not to be afraid of bullies. I also learned it's ok to be afraid of bullies. I learned that you might be afraid of people that you see right away but might just come to be friends. - Dalton I like the pictures very much. I learned that bullying is not nice. I learned that fish go to school. We learned that we should not push other people around because it is not nice. - Sierra I learned not to be a bully. Not to be afraid. Timmy had a big friend, the friends name was Brutus. Brutus swam with Timmy and became friends. - Lexee I learned that you should stand up for yourself. I also learned that some people might be nicer then people say. I really liked your pictures. - Suria


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