The Truth About Weight Loss: What Conventional Diets DON'T Want You To Know Mindy Lee CHC Author
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This book is my journey to optimal health and a new way to think about dieting and losing weight. After four years of research I have discovered the real reason why we gain weight and therefore, how to control it. I believe weight gain is just a by-product of an imbalanced body. It's not a state of mind as some people think. You can't just stop eating! You can't tell yourself, you're not going to eat that brownie today because it doesn't work! The reason for this . . . is that the body is in a physically imbalanced state.That's why you can't control your mind, your willpower, or a diet that deprives you of food and nutrients. DIETS DON'T WORK! I have found it's what you control in the body, not your mind that determine if you want, crave or eat that delicious brownie today! So let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered why fad diets come and go? Why we need chemically engineered pills and potions to lose weight? Or why our body won't lose weight on its own naturally? Have you ever wondered why DIETS JUST DON'T WORK? Well, hang onto your beautiful body . . . because this eye opening research will give you the simple answers to all these questions! Plus . . . tell you how to lose weight naturally without starving or feeling hungry. It's about correcting the body's ecosystem naturally so it can burn calories and lose fat without dieting or suffering. This information is about feeling healthy, looking healthy and feeling younger all while losing weight without dieting.


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