Defined by Attitude: The Power of Positivity Dr Kenneth Morton Author
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Defined by Attitude: The Power of Positivity is your step-by-step guide that enables you to understand the dynamics of a positive attitude and moves you to develop your world-class positive attitude. This book, as a tool, examines a common thread which either paves the way for consistent successes or failures throughout life-one's attitude. Dr. Morton presents his Attitude Model and walks you through how our attitude informs our thoughts and creates outcomes that we own 100%. Far from being some dreamy, feel-good message, Defined by Attitude will challenge the reader to think introspectively about their lens for life. In the book, the journey begins with an understanding of why is there so much fuss and attention around attitudes, a discussion of the small details and transitions to dealing with what one can and cannot control. As the reader delves deeper, a perspective is provided which helps individuals harness the power of positivity to change his or her world. In later chapters, Dr. Morton addresses building a positive track record and leveraging how one defines their self to make a positive difference through their touchpoints and engagement with others. The last section covers positive attitude building activities, putting it all together and concludes with encouraging the reader to write their own story. The tone of the book is conversational and non-judgmental. Dr. Morton's goal is to inspire greatness through a positive attitude. Several Attitudinal Check-Ups are presented to maintain the reader's engagement by challenging individuals to consider where they are and how to apply the concepts presented. Each chapter concludes with powerful affirmations to help each reader move forward towards greater levels of success through a world-class attitude. With intentional effort and a commitment towards personal improvement, Defined by Attitude: The Power of Positivity can unleash life-changing power within you. If you are serious about making the choic


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