The 2016 America Presidential Debate: An Enlightened Practical Manual for Voters André Hakizimana Author
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Improving people lives need new political style. From this book one understand why a high level of unemployment and why world is unstable and vice versa. In every step forward it is necessary first to ask ourselves what we know and learn from the past and the present. Thus the question about what we learn and know from the past and the present is necessary lessons because help us to create a better future looks different from the past and the present. Our task is to learn from the past and the present, therefore to create new ways can make the world better than it is today. In this direction, there is a need to able differentiate today politicians and past politicians in the campaign electoral. These differentiations lead us in voting a candidate capable to find solutions to today conflicts and wars while creating new ways for sustainable economic growth elevating both working and middle class. This book attempt to help the Voters understand whose Presidential candidate fits their interests - who can find solutions to today conflicts while elevating both working class and middle class.


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