Black Doves: A Brady Graham Novel Frank W Terrizzi Author
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CAN SIX PATRIOTS OVERTHROW THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT? When a government is no longer responsive to the will of its people, the time may be ripe for a change in leadership. The change can range from peaceful to violent. An increasingly oppressive government, unmoved by the will of the people at the ballot box, reunites six U.S. Army Special Forces veterans to discuss other, more direct options. Having served together in Iraq and Afghanistan, these patriots, bound by their watchwords, Freedom, Independence, Liberty, hatch a plan to send a clear message to their government. Clint Middleton, their leader, shows by his words...and actions...why his plan will work. U. S. President Thomas Barnhill realizes that his resources are woefully inadequate to deal with threats to his country and to the power he covets. In desperation, he places a phone call to the only number not on The White House switchboard. Global Solutions, or G. S., is a Virginia-based exporting company. In reality, it is much more. Its Director, James Cannon employs America's best and brightest private sector and ex-military assets along with cutting edge technology to advance its mission. Brady Graham, a hard ass high IQ United States Marine sergeant with exceptional talent is recruited by Cannon to add new kill-qualified assets to his organization. Despite being a self-proclaimed Lone Wolf, Graham takes on an unexpected partner who brings unique skill sets to the team. Black Doves gets up close and personal with all sides of this mounting conflict from start to finish...but, in reality, Graham and his partner find that things are not always what they may at first appear.


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