The Backside of Hope: Leaving a Legacy for the Next Generation Connie Eldridge Author
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Hope. It's a driving force in our lives that is difficult to describe with mere words. All that we are, from those daily decisions to our most coveted dreams-are all derived from what we ultimately hope to achieve in life, and who, we so desperately want to become. When was the last time you hoped for something that seemed impossible? Or perhaps, you've ditched hope all together. The fear of one more disappointment is too much, or maybe deep down, you feel completely unworthy. This story is about a life devoid of hope. But it's also a story about what can happen when you give your life and dreams to the One who can give you more than you ever deemed possible. Woven into this journey of hope fulfilled is forgiveness, restoration, and receiving the love of the Heavenly Father. It's this remarkable love that ultimately surpasses anything one could ever imagine-or hope for. This is Pastor Tim Wimberly's story, about the backside of hope. Not many pastor's have the guts to share their lives with such honesty and detail. But Tim's purpose becomes very clear as you read his story. The first half chronicles his life from the start, and shows how many times life looks great on the outside, but inside, people are really hurting. But by the time Tim was five years old, there was no hiding that life was careening out of control--and fast. It's not that other people don't live through some of what Tim did, but most people don't live through as much--and come out alive. Tim came very close to ending his life. But the morning after that awful evening, Tim walked out of a church a changed person. In the second half of the book he shares in detail his journey through life from age twenty to fifty, and some things he's learned about life, through both success and failure. He shares how he met his wife, and became a father to five sons. Most of all, he shares how he started to give love and life away to others, as opposed to making everyone's life around him a living H


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