EXODUS to NEW ISRAEL: A Story from the Future of the Mass Migration from Israel to Mexico Carlos Henri Cohen Author
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Beginning in the 1830's and continuing through the 19th century until as late as 1938, Mexico's Baja California was seriously considered as a homeland for the Jewish people. As the author considered this concept of Baja California as a substitute for the State of Israel, a fictitious story, EXODUS TO NEW ISRAEL, evolved to become a history from the future of a final Jewish exodus. The story is told by a Jewish university professor, Dr. Yohan Cohen, who relates the history of a mass movement of Jews from the insecurity and uncertainty of old Israel in the hostile Middle East to a new Israel, Nuevo Israel, safely established in the Lower California peninsula of Mexico. Dr. Cohen details the life of his younger brother, Ari Cohen, who is the architect and force behind the Jewish exodus to Baja California that results in the resettlement of nine million Jews in Mexico between 2020 and 2034. At the age of seven, Ari Cohen had changed his surname to Netanyahu to pay homage to one of Israel's great men who had died during military action in 1976. That man, Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Yoni Netanyahu, was killed while leading his Sayaret Matkal special forces into the Entebbe, Uganda airport to rescue Jewish hostages from a hijacked Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Yoni Netanyahu was the older brother of Israel's current prime minister, Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu. This tale of the Jewish exodus is coupled with the dire predictions and warnings that are currently being issued by world climate scientists about global warming and climate change. Future global climate conditions that result from excessive greenhouse gas emissions are projected and described as real events. Some projected scenarios portray a chilling view of what a hotter world will be in twenty-two more years. While this exodus story is a work of fiction, numerous real incidents are integrated in this history that ends in 2037. The first Jewish diaspora to Mexico occurred in the mi


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