See The Gift, Not The Curse: A Personal Journey to Discover Me, and that I AM Love and Light. Yvonne Cloete Author
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Growing up, I considered every single thing that happened in my life as a curse. I saw it as me being punished for something because I felt not good enough. I felt abandoned and not loved. I was in a state of separation, of loneliness, of constant fear of what others would think of me. I gave more and more of myself, being who they wanted me to be for them, so they would love me and not abandon me. Now I know, that all of this is from, and living within, and being, in the frequency energy of fear. I learned that Earth has a fixed curriculum of Duality, and that we are here to learn about the two fixed energies. I learned we had to start at the darkness first. We had to start at separation, survival, loneliness, fear, etc., which is the opposite of where we are from, to experience Source in form (physical matter). As humans our reminder of this duality is there every morning in the mirror staring back at us, when we wake up from sleep. We see two eyes. Just as we know tonight there will be darkness to go to sleep to wake up to light, after that 24-hour cycle. What if Earth has a 2500-year cycle and darkness was first, and then there was light? With the help from many teachers, guides and loved ones in the natural and in spiritual form, I began to take a serious look at what I was thinking and internalizing, ('thought' being the beginning point, Source, male energy and internal ~ you'll learn more about in the book) to move away from the darkness towards love and light. So my reason for writing this book, is to bring awareness through my own personal discovery of asking many questions, which was all, answered, to find the courage to not join into the frequency of darkness where fear, hate, discrimination, destruction, war, rape, killings, separation etc., still currently exists. I was shown that if we can all find the courage to force ourselves within the frequency of light where love, (and all that which is opposite of fear) exists rather than feed


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