Striking it Lucky: A Biography Of Pain And Resilience From Eritrea To St. Paul Frezgi Hiskias Author
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Have You Been Struck by Lightning? Most likely if you have been struck by lightning, you are no longer around to talk about it. Frezgi Hiskias is one who talks about it in this book. As a lad of 13-year old, living in a remote area of Eritrea, he was huddled under a tree with a close friend. The two were sitting under a rain jacket when the lightning struck, killing his boyhood friend. This tale explains his suffering, beginning school for the first time at the age of 16 and his exploits from a humble beginning to his life's existence here in America. The story is a fascinating tale of trials and adventures to his college degrees and his present day duties in a hospice care center. It truly is a fascinating journey from the hinterlands of eastern Africa while sustaining a life of kindness and understanding empathy as he endures constant pain and resilience. Frezgi truly gives credit to the guiding hand of God through his daily efforts of serving humanity. I very much enjoyed reading this version of the book. I feel it tells a compelling story, with much decency and simplicity, which is difficult to do. It is an easy read that offers the reader a view of life and survival against many near overwhelming odds. - Valerie Loichot, Professor, Emory University in Atlanta, GA


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