If You Are Going Through Hell - Don't Stop - Keep Going: Guide to Transition & Search Daniel C Borschke FASAE CAE Author
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Shining the light under the basket of transition and job search... Job transitions and searches can be hell! While we all experience ups and downs, job changes can be as painful as root canals and giving birth. And as the economy has changed, so have the rules-making, finding (and keeping) a job a full-time endeavor. For every $10,000 of salary, it takes one month of job searching, so it's more important than ever to be smart about your personal marketing tour. If You Are Going Through Hell is your go-to guide to make the process of finding a job, and keeping a job, a little less painful-and far more successful. This concise, easy-to-follow book shares stories and the real-life experiences of the author's job searches and transitions over the course of his professional career. It also offers practical recommendations and solutions to help you in your own job search and transition. The employment road may be bumpy, but armed with the right tools-and the right attitude-you'll be able to navigate it more smoothly toward success!


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