Finding Bobby Ray J. T. Dossett Author
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Finding Bobby Ray is the story of a youngster who is abandoned by his mother, who is en route to assist his father in escaping from a notorious prison. He is discovered on the steps of a church by a miner, Dwane Benny Baird, who takes him home to his wife, Margaret. Childless, the couple immediately fall in love with the boy, and call him their own. They name him Harley, and fearful that someone will return to claim him, they move to Cumberland Mountain to live with her father, a cantankerous, but lovable character, with a heart as big as himself. Eventually, Margaret conceives two children, Early, and Sissy. Like their mother, and grandfather, who are of Melungeon descent, the children are dark skinned and haired, in deep contrast to Harley, who is blonde and blue-eyed, which causes the neighbors and other family members to question his origins. Harley questions his beginnings too. As Harley continues his life in the arms of a loving family, his biological father and mother continue their sad relationship, walking perilously on the seamy side of life, committing crimes, breaking out of prisons and jails. In his pubescent years, Harley is told about being discovered on the steps of the church. Despite the fact that his family pledges their love and support of him, he becomes sullen, depressed and dangerously combative. He is given an opportunity to fight when he is drafted into the Army, during the Vietnam War. For the first time in his life, he becomes acquainted with the world outside of his mountain microcosm. He realizes how lucky he is, and misses his mountain home desperately. When he returns to the world, he basks in the warmth of his family, who help him recuperate from the horrors of war. He also meets a woman who will teach him the subtle shades of the deepest love. His biological parent's scandalous lives lead them to the depths of chaos and depravity. His mother makes a decision to try and find her son, hoping that rediscovering


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