The Book of Herman: The Divine Inside - The spiritual journeys of a mystic reveal your personal path to the Divine Jim Buckman Author
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The journey to the truth begins with you. Get ready for an amazing experience! Written by a shamanic mystic and a gifted clairvoyant, this book sheds new, uncensored light on the age-old mysteries of life, death, deity, the cosmos, and much more. It shares what the authors discovered while learning to talk to The Divine and the angels. Journey with them beyond the horizons of ordinary reality on their real-life spiritual quest to discover the truth about The Divine, the afterlife, and other secrets of the universe. Their quest for spiritual truth-sometimes involving out-of-body travel and occasional breathtaking battles with demons-begins when they ask for and finally receive the gift of two-way communication with The Divine and the angels. They soon find themselves standing inside the beautiful gateway to the non-physical world of the afterlife, where they discover that human beings are vastly more than most have been led to believe. Engaging and insightful, The Book of Herman presents in depth concepts of the Divine and how the Divine is expressed within our universe in clear and understandable language. It is obvious from the first page that the authors seek to show you how you can understand what your place in this Divinely unfolding universe is and how you can create your own destiny. -Karen Harrison, Author, The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook Jim Buckman's The Book of Herman stirs the deepest part of the true Self into welcoming wakefulness. It asks the tough questions that turn our truths into beliefs, our beliefs into knowledge, our knowledge into wisdom, and our wisdom onto yet another path to finding the Divine in ourselves and in all beings. An essential addition to any spiritual seeker's bookshelf. - Edain McCoy, Author, Advanced Witchcraft, The Sabbats, and Celtic Myth & Magick A revealing book for anyone seeking truth on a spiritual path. It makes you think, ask questions and seek answers.


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