Theological Discussions: On Life, Creation and the Nature of the Divine Pastor Richard Lambert Author
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44 Mind Opening passages you will never forget... Have you ever wondered if there exists something beyond this natural universe? Or even a universe whose laws and systems are apart from time and space. Or can you go further than this and yet imagine each and all things in creation as symbols of different characteristics, qualities and degrees of life that are beyond this world. Still further, perhaps life even beyond a world apart from time and space. Here it is. It's all in this book. You will notice the perception of your rational mind opening more and more as you get deeper and deeper into this book. It will deepen your prospective on life and will enable you to think beyond the natural realm of creation. The bible itself is an ancient book. Many of the passages especially the prophetic books are unintelligible without the knowledge of correspondences. This knowledge was known to the ancients and was passed down to them from the most ancient times. The period of the most ancient times were from that of Adam and Eve to the flood. The period of the ancient times were from that of Noah throughout the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is said that God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would call them and that he gave names to all of them. This is because Adam and those of his time had from God a perception of the correspondence of the spiritual significations and their qualities of life as to all things animate and inanimate in the earth. And so from this he named them. Although this perception which they had from creation was destroyed with the flood; the knowledge of correspondences was preserved and passed along to those called Noah who represented those of the ancient times. By the time the decedents of Jacob were around these knowledge's were completely lost, but were to be restored at the coming of the Lord to whom the knowledge of correspondences have regard too, for He is the Word and the mystery thereof which has been hidden since those times.


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