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Book Description A single shot echoed across the lobby, changing Madeline Sparrow's life instantly. Moments ago, she was a young newlywed, pregnant with her first child and on her way to her first O.B. appointment. Now, she sits in the back of an ambulance, confused by flashes of Roger falling to his death and the gunman's lips upon hers. As the months pass, she keeps the secret of her pregnancy, while trying to deal with the unfathomable loss of her beloved Roger. It only deepens her sense of loss, when his family attempts to take away everything she has grown accustomed to. They accuse her of an affair with the eligible doctor, Benjamin Clark, whom she met the day of husband's death. . There was an immediate connection between the two of them; something that neither could explain. Madeline is the first woman that Benjamin has been drawn too, since the untimely death of his wife, Julie, in a tragic car accident; an accident which he blames on himself. Desperately, he tries to make amends for the tragedy, by saving the lives of others. . Forced to leave the home that she and Roger created, Madeline moves to a new city, hoping to leave all the stress of the legal battle behind. But she didn't expect to fall in love... she didn't expect to be loved. On the eve of that love blossoming, Madeline becomes a victim of violent crime. She finds herself fighting to regain her freedom and save the life of her unborn child.


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