The Curse of the Orange Moon: A Pirate Tale from Charlotte Harbor Carolyn Grimm Author
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The Curse of the Orange Moon A Pirate Tale from Charlotte Harbor Kai Tillman Johnson is a pint-sized 10-year-old island boy in over-sized swim trunks who spends most of his time dodging trouble like coconuts in a hurricane. His sister's a bully. His mom ignores him and a creepy axe-toting farmhand watches his every move. He believes in luck, double-dog dares and spit shakes, but swears magic is bogus . . . until a foul smelling ghost scares him into a search for a 250 year-old evil pirate who's hiding out on his island. Suddenly his life is a secret rollercoaster ride of enchanted maps, invisible birds, glass eyes, killer gators, guard dogs and rogue hurricanes. An evil curse hangs over his island. His best friend is gone for the summer and he struggles to trust a note-taking know-it-all girl who double-dog dares him into a near death face-off with a band of blood thirsty pirates. Before it's over, Kai will stand taller and stronger than he ever thought possible when clues from a mystical lifeboat with secret chambers, a backwards-looking spyglass, and a quarter-hour riddle send him back in time . . . and put him on a collision course with his worst nightmare.


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