It's Always Okay To Be Me: A journey to recovering lost hope Danielle Marie Bergan Author
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Acceptance and love are two desires sought by every person who enters into this world. What if you woke up one morning with the body of a male and the mind of a female? How would you cope with this? Over 99% of all born never question their gender; they just know who they are. If you could have this experience you'd have a slight clue on what it is like to be transgender. It's Always Okay to be Me, A journey to recovering lost hope, is a story of the life trail taken by Daniel Bergan to becoming Danielle Bergan. Daniel, a seemingly normal boy on the outside to family and friends, suffers from Gender Identity Disorder (GID). His brain tells him he is a girl yet he has the body of a boy. This heartfelt book documents Daniel/Danielle's life from growing up as a baby boomer in the fifties to becoming the complete woman she is today. Along the way an inner source of God through his Catholic upbringing allowed Daniel to believe one day that Danielle would go away by finding the one true love of his life. Yet in waiting for this, alcohol and drugs did for Daniel what God could not, they numbed the pain and kept his female side at bay. Daniel's inner insanity grew steadily. In his search for clarity, addiction takes over leaving him lost in an abyss of agony and despair. The normal life he leads on the outside is challenged constantly by feelings of being Danielle. A shield if denial forms around her presence as Daniel constantly seeks an escape from his gender conundrum. Daniel/Danielle's journey is often marked by humorous, tragic and near death experiences. This book is a classic for anyone who wants to learn about the life path of a transgender person. It is a triumph of recovery and self love through becoming your true self. After all, don't we all deserve love and acceptance?


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