Achieving Brilliance at Home: How Teach Your Child Almost Anything Jeanne T. Mifflin Author
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One of the biggest reasons a child falls behind in early childhood is because parents don't know the techniques to teach their child new skills. Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything) gives you the tips and tricks that professionals use to help you keep your child on track. Act fast - don't wait until your child has already been labeled before taking their lack of progress seriously. Topics covered in the book include: WHAT IS A GOOD MOTHER? The Art of 9 How to Uncover the Teacher that Lies Hidden in Your Mother's 24 What to do if You are having a 25 HOW TO BEAT THESE THREE COMMON PARENTING FEARS ·Fear of Ridicule from 17 ·Fear of Teaching Your Child the Wrong Way...18 ·Fear of Our Own Negative Childhood Memories...page17 HOW TO ENHANCE INFANT AND TODDLER DEVELOPMENT Activities to Help Your Infant Learn Basic 63 The Six Steps to Learning to 69 Useful Overview of Early Childhood Essential 10 How to Help Your Toddler Learn to 70 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Young Child's Behavior...91 Quick and Easy Ways to Motivate Your Young Child...pages 34,91-97 COPING WITH THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM The Quick Way to Decode Educational 44 INSIGHTS INTO EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING & HOMESCHOOLING The Eight Learning Styles of Children...28 The Ultimate Guide to Early Homeschool Activities...35, 103 How to Create Your Own Early Childhood Teaching Materials, Themes and Lesson 35 Attitude Checklist for a Homeschooling 209 SPECIAL BONUS - THEME MATH PARTY IDEAS ·Alice in Wonderland & Math Problem Solving ·African Safari Rescue & Decimal Quest ·Valley of the Kings & The Geometry Curse ·Alien Sock Hop & Martian Measurement ·The Last Amazon Tribe & Probability andStatistics ·Greek Mythology & The Hercules Fraction Flip


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