The DocNet: A Free Market Solution To Replace Obamacare: And The Plan To Save America's Healthcare From Socialized Medicine and Government Control Kev
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We have a crisis in American healthcare, but it's not a crisis in care or accessibility it's a crisis of cost. Obamacare spends over two trillion dollars to implement government control of our healthcare and take America on a pathway to socialized medicine. The Republican alternative also leads us to the federal government control of our health insurance markets. There is an alternative, and it's called The DocNet; a free market solution that solves the cost crisis in America and puts the government out of the healthcare business. This plan will make insurance companies, doctors and hospitals more responsive to the needs of consumers while making them more profitable; which gives the incentives for this solution to work. Most importantly, it drastically reduces the cost of healthcare access to consumers and increases the quantity and quality of the care they receive. As Americans, we've met challenges around the globe, and now it's time to meet the challenge of the health cost crisis right here at home and the DocNet is a blueprint that can meet that challenge. It's time America, to stop looking to Washington D.C. to solve this problem, and to look within the American entrepreneurial spirit to create the solutions of today and tomorrow.


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