Reflections at Home The Morning Star Series: Relevant Daily Scriptures For the Informed Christian - February Workbook Crystal V. Henry Author
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This God inspired workbook offers a unique perspective on the connection between versus in the Bible, certain novels, and Christian living today. Given in daily doses to help guide us all to a better understanding of ourselves and others, the lessons throughout this manual are thought-provoking and inspirational. Readers are invited to really engage in the topics covered in this first issue. A must read and do for teachers, parents, high school students and anyone wanting to learn how to incorporate the gospel into their lives. I look forward to the next installment of this monthly workbook. Rae Scott-Jones, Esq. This month, we embrace the unique white line engravings of Gustave Dore (1832-1883). This gifted French artist was an individual who reflected his religious beliefs through Biblical illustrations of the stories we learned as children. The themes of diversity, age-appropriate family activities, and political discussion are an integral part of the series. the readers are encouraged to research topics to come up with their own reflections about love, life, and how you treat your fellow man. Knowledge is power.


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