The Ghost of Big Tom: A Saga of an American Family L. Wayne Daye Author
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The Ghost of BIG TOM is a story of a family's saga. Big Tom a slave brought and used as a breeder by his master on a plantation in Murfreesboro, North Carolina... cast a ghost over his ancestors for generations to come. Big Tom's legend a virile man who fathered children to feed the slave trade defines the passage of manhood from slavery to modern times amongst the NEWSOMES. Cedric Newsome, Big Tom's great-great grandson struggles to overcome the Newsome's definition of manhood which was through their ability to bed women and sire children. Through a process of self-examination, Cedric arrives at a new concept and definition of manhood remodeled with a sense of fidelity, responsibility, and accountability toward oneself and his off-spring. The GHOST OF BIG TOM offers history, suspense, murder, love, and wisdom. It's a must read!


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