Bipolar Disorder The Latest Epidemic: My Personal Journey Paige Turner Author
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An epic story of the abuse suffered by a little girl who witnessed horrendous events and experienced a life long illness because of the abuse she suffered at the hand of her mother. Her mother only abused her, but she persevered despite the abuse that she received. The pivotal moment in her young life was when she was chased around her back yard by her mother, while her mother was wielding a 2x4 with the intention of beating her at the age of 12. The end result was the young girl was caught and beaten with the 2x4 until her back was broken by the board. She would not find out about the broken back until she was in her early 30’s The book gives detailed information about bipolar disorder. It covers how to recognize bipolar disorder in a loved one and what to do for them when you suspect that they are stricken with this illness. It also covers the symptoms of the disorder and how to recognize them as it is a mood disorder. It also tells of how she persevered and had finally got her happy ending. She shows how to find your inner beauty and how to occupy your time if you are bipolar and having a manic episode. She tells of how far she has come from the abuse.


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