Understanding the Power and Politics of Public Education: Implementing Policies to Achieve Equal Opportunity for All Janet Mulvey Author
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Understanding the Power and Politics of Public Education researches the history and trends of educating the populace in the United States. Demographic changes and socio-economic diversity have altered the needs for traditional approaches. Policy makers are implored to become familiar with proven educational research to implement policies that service the needs of all youth. Public schools now enroll more minority students than ever before. Diverse languages, cultures and experiences call for pedagogy to meet the needs and educational success for new citizens. Teacher training programs in colleges and universities - along with new curricula - are in need of revision to promote educational success of new generations. Understanding the role of experiential background and its influence on educational success, and social mobility is necessary for a healthy society and democracy. This book examines statistical studies showing the impact of environmental issues on cognitive development and illustrates the educational outcome and effects of poverty through documented research in areas of health care, nutrition, pollution, community and family experiences. It also explores the role of family socio-economic status and compares the educational readiness of the more and less affluent.


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