The Lost Best Friend: A Jaden and the Weejum Adventure Mary Ann Bator-Gray Author
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This is a story about friendship, however unusual they might be. In the fast-paced, delightful story, Jaden, a nine-year-old girl gains confidence and stops worrying so much. During a previous adventure, a magical creature, Keelee the Weejum, made it possible for Jaden, four male cats, and other animals to talk to each other. The male cats sneaked out of the adoption center at night in the previous story. This time it's the female cats' turn to have a night out. Lydia, a Manx cat, and three other female felines help a dog find her missing best friend. The friend is Charlie, a scrawny, black cat that had once lived at the center. The new team, Jaden, Keelee, and the cats, are transported to the strange Weejum world where day and night are reversed and nothing is ever the same. The weather turns chilly, too cold for a small cat without shelter. Challenges from other animals must be overcome and delay the team's search. Charlie must be found before sunset in the Weejum world, so Jaden and the cats won't be discovered missing when it becomes dawn in their world. Proceeds from sales benefit animal charities.


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