Birds' Eggs and Nests - A Simple Guide to Identify the Nests of Common British Birds S. N. Sedgwick Author
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This book comprises a simple guide to the identification of the nests of common British birds. This antique text was published separately from the book to which it belongs ('The Young People's Nature-Study Book') in the hope that it would prove of some value on its own. It is aimed at young readers upon their rambles in spring, enabling them to identify the birds to which nests belong - without tedious taxonomical analysis. The perfect text for amateur ornithologists, this lovely little book makes a great addition to any collection of bird watching literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Nests Unmistakable - With Characteristic Shapes, or Eggs of Special Colours'; 'Nests Built on the Ground of Birds as Big as a Skylark and Larger'; 'Large Nests found Chiefly in Trees'; 'Nests in Holes, in Trees or Banks'; 'Nests found upon or near Fresh Water'; 'Nests of Common Sea-birds'; 'Nests Generally Built in Rushes, Hedges, etc.'; 'Small Birds' Nests that may be found near Water in Marshy Places'; et cetera. We are proud to republish this text here complete with a new introduction to ornithology.


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