Falling Off the Planet: How Do You Find Your Way Back when you're Light Years From Home? Diane M Daniels Author
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Tiana guards a dangerous secret. Her boyfriend is not of this world. Andrew has many unearthly qualities: an intuitiveness that borders on mind reading, a healing touch, and super human strength. When she learned his true identity, she was introduced into a world where aliens live among us. It is Andrew's sworn duty to protect the Earth from evil extraterrestrials that seek to do us harm. An alien spacecraft lands near Hurricane, Utah. The cerebral crew from Nommo has plans to abduct and experiment on humans in an effort to learn about the emotions that drive Earthlings. The Nommoans have suppressed their own feelings, causing their planet's population to dwindle because they lack the desire to reproduce. The Zariba, an alien group who protects Earth, had previously discovered this spaceship and their intent. They were ordered to depart. They have come back. When Andrew and his fellow Helamite, James, find and confront the Nommoans to enforce the order, they are captured and held hostage. The ship goes into hiding. Tiana secretly joins the search. She finds the spaceship where Andrew, James, and her best friend, Tiffany, are incarcerated. The ship's captain is Raydon, Prince of Nommo. He believes Tiana to be the red-haired Earth girl who is prophesied to save his people from extinction. He offers to trade the lives of her friends for her freedom. He whisks her off our planet to his, planning to make her his queen. Will Tiana save Nommo? Can Andrew find her in time to stop the wedding? How will she make it back to Earth? Can she return to the correct time? Join the adventure of Falling off the Planet, and find out if an ordinary Earth girl can save a distant planet from self destruction, survive the journey, and return to tell about it.


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