Comments of the Comments: Humor: Live and Entertaining Folk Talk: Yahoo Comments - PART 2 Zoia Sproesser Author
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This is the Second Book of the series: a collection of Yahoo comments with the comments about them: Part 2. The book is written to help people relax. It is a relaxation tool. In the time of the fading economy, people should find resources within themselves to be resilient. A few minutes of laughter can bring you back in a good mood, make forget about immediate preoccupations, and turn your mind in a completely different direction. The refreshed mind will function more productively in finding solutions that you could not find before. You will be surprised how much better you will feel after reading a collective mind of a few hundred Americans selected randomly among yahoo users. The book also includes a couple of author's stories inspired by some comments. The stories are written to inform and give clarification about the cultures of which Americans usually know little. Irony and sincerity are the author's usual ways to observe and describe people and events. Zoia Sproesser was born in the country where person's creativity, intelligence, and wit are among the most important values. The ability to resist and overcome life hardships is rooted deeply in a healthy mind that always can find new ways to recover. Laughter is the best free medication to cure your worries and look around and within yourself with optimism. Zoia has a Master's Degree in Education (Counseling for Community Colleges). She speaks three languages, and teaches two. Her students know very well that she loves laughter: the easy happy atmosphere reigns in her classrooms. One of her hobbies is to help people in need. Zoia has been in the Amazon publishing for the last two years. Her first publications appeared 16 years ago.


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