The Art of Selling Yourself - Audiobook, by Adam Riccoboni & Daniel Callaghan
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Set yourself apart from the crowd! In today's troubled economic market, everything is a tough sell. From products to services, everyone is consuming less as they tighten their belts. In this respect, it's easy to forget that the job interview is becoming more and more like the showroom-where the interview itself is the pitch, and the product you're selling is yourself. The Art of Selling Yourself will provide you with the knowhow you need to navigate today's tough business terrain and achieve success in your career and your life. It shows exactly how uniquely successful people-from Mark Zuckerberg to Warren Buffett-have achieved success, and provides you with the latest management knowledge from leading academies and universities. With an easy-to-use, ten-step process, this book will assist you in: Developing more confidence Swiftly recovering from challenging setbacks Taking control by letting go of anxiety Networking not just for business, but for pleasure Conversing comfortably on topics that may be a bit out of your reach Succeeding in areas you never previously considered by moving out of your comfort zone Creating lasting, genuine connections with others And much more! In short, this audiobook will make you a pro at selling your most important asset-yourself!



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