Pictures and Poems: Introducing young people to NATURE in a poetic way! Michael J. Vanderhorst Author
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A book of poetry and wildlife photos for children and adults. Showing people the beauty of nature and how we need to keep her healthy. Expressing the feelings I get when I am in nature. By doing this, with the photos I have taking, I hope to encourage my readers to want to go take a walk in the woods or local park. This is mainly for the young people. This book, I hope, will make them sensitive to the needs of nature. As people and nature move closer to each other we need to learn to live side by side. My photos show them the animals they can see right in their backyards and parks. If they look, they can see the diverse life right in front of them and hopefully seek the beauty of the rest of the natural world. To teach people now will help the future for all creatures. The poetry is the media I use for the painting. Poetry seemed the best way to express the beauty of nature, while also showing some bad sides I hope we avoid in the future.   


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