Retrospect With Reason: A look at life's experiences in the aftermath Annika Hardy-Douglas Author
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An individual’s life is comprised of a range of circumstances, situations, experiences, trials and errors, and the overall commitment to change one’s self image, self philosophy, self thinking. I believe everything in life has purpose. This purpose can travel from the unseen to the transparent reality of any given situation. My book “Retrospect with Reason” is a genuine account of self-reflection and the reality of the circumstances and situations in my life. My words are inspired by experience, the good and the bad. My experiences include family, real friends, associates, brief encounters, and spirituality. The following quotes are based from real life experiences that altered my way of thinking. After a person experiences anything, they should ultimately gain knowledge from that experience. The concept of retrospect relates to the transitions of my thoughts after the experiences. The following quotes reflect a knowledge gained that can easily be related to any person. I am only the vessel that delivers the words that are given and trusted upon me from a higher being. My God!


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