REALITIES Annie V. Prewitt Author
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In the story of Minnie Miles, come take a journey through ten years since best friends Minnie and Nellie graduated from high school. You will find out what Minnie and Nellie aspired to become with both of their careers. You will find out how Minnie was able to cope with the passing of her parents from that terrible automobile accident years earlier, because the pain of it all was still buried deep inside. See Ms. Jackson spring into action because she refused to let the same mistake happen twice especially when she was able to do something about it before it was too late. Meet the new neighbors that purchased the house across the road from Mark and Marian that once belonged to Cylia Faye and Jack Miles. Follow the one dozen white roses that, was placed at Cylia Faye's grave site and find out what really happened between Cylia Faye and that old store owner down there on Nims Road. In the story of Destine Divine follow the beautiful love affair between Destine Divine Smith and Anthony Mason, owner of Mason Photography. Follow Destine as she shows up and shows out with her new position at Mason Photography. It turns out she's really surprising to everyone, and even more surprising to Anthony Mason. Meet Porsha Blackmon Cleaves, head photographer at Mason who figured she should have had Destine's new position that it should have been given to her by Anthony Mason. Go with Destine as she travels back to her home town where her good friend Jim gives her life lessons concerning her new found romance with Anthony. Only when Margaret the receptionist at Mason has a motherly talk with Destine is she able to make up her mind about what she really wants to do. The story of Minnie Miles and the story of Destine Divine, continues from my book titled SITUATIONS. This is REALITIES a book of fiction.


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