The Warhost Darren J Blake Author
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Many individuals living on earth possess magnificent talents and abilities that can serve to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. Sometimes, one of these gifted individuals will misuse or squander his talents in meaningless or destructive behavior, and a Warhost will be sent in an attempt to help set matters right. Not quite an angel, but nevertheless immortal, the Warhost may choose to set a curse upon the misguided individual. This curse will help the mortal come to appreciate his talents and worth...and it may help the mortal work toward making the proper choices in correcting the trajectory of his life. But what happens when a Warhost intentionally makes a decision with potentially tragic implications? Titus is a Warhost who begins to wonder why miscreants often reap the riches and abundance of the world, when at the same time those with pure motives and righteous desires are often found with a millstone of poverty and suffering hung about their necks. It is the contemplation of this cosmic unfairness that leads Titus to make a mistake that will result in consequences that could last forever. The Warhost allows readers to follow the saga of Titus as he learns what it means to be at the peak of supreme happiness and in the deepest chasm of despair. In a fast-paced series of events, he discovers some of the answers to the enigmas of life. Ultimately, he must make a monumental decision, the consequences of which will once again ripple across the ages of time.


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