Greetings from Ghana: An Englishman's Adventures from the City of Accra M. J. Poynter Author
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Greetings from Ghana is a comical tale set in the city of Accra in 2002. Inspired by real life events this autobiographical novel is an action packed adventure of endless mishaps and mayhem. The story begins in the English countryside from where M. J. Poynter takes the reader on a rip-roaring journey into Ghana and through the bustling streets of Accra. Set in a tropical paradise under the blazing heat of the African sun, the author travels around the affluent suburbs, along the highways and into the citys red-light districts. Here he meets an array of colourful characters who add to the storys sense of mystery and intrigue. The authors use of vivid description captures the vibrancy of African life and depicts the trials and tribulations which many of its people face. Told through a series of amusing anecdotes, Greetings from Ghana is an inventive tale which brings the city of Accra to life!


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