The Adventures of Freddie the little Fire Dragon: The Apple Orchard George Skudera Author
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The Apple Orchard   This story begins with Freddie’s mother taking a different route to the supermarket.   It isn’t until they are passing by the Apple Road Orchard, that Freddie notices, what he believes to be, red dots on the trees.   The excitement starts when Freddie’s mother takes Freddie and Tanga apple picking the following day. After filling up their basket with apples, Freddie’s mother says, “I’m going to have to go the entrance of the orchard to get an empty crate to put some more apples in.  Don’t leave this spot unless it is for an emergency.”     What do Freddie and Tanga find inside the apple that fell from the tree they were sitting under?   Where are the cries for help coming from?   What is the surprise waiting for Freddie and Tanga as they leave the Apple Road Orchard?     Be prepared for some non-stop reading as you open the cover of The Adventures of Freddie, the Little Fire Dragon:  The Apple Orchard.


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