Criminality Exposed Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction Perversely 'Covered-Up' Nihal Sri Ameresekere Author
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In this voluminous Book in a series by the Author on corruption, fraud and economic crime, with indepth analysis, transcending forensic accounting, he brilliantly reveals, with incisive diametrics, irrefutable evidence of criminality, in the construction of Colombo Hilton Hotel by Mitsui & Taisei, Japan, with Architects, Kanko Kikaku Sekkeisha Yozo Shibata & Associates - successful civil prosecution by Author led to Japanese writing-off US $ 207 Mn. He establishes beyond reasonable doubt, that original Architectural Plans had been suppressed / destroyed by a staged fire, with amended Architectural Plans surreptitiously substituted being cannibalized Sheets, with incongruous elevations, whereby such Plans could not be approved. Meticulously probing into elevations on Floor Sheets and Cross-Sectional Sheets, which crucial aspect had been overlooked by professional architectural investigations, he proves the shortfall of floors, with the elevations on tampered Sheets bearing 'tell tale' evidence of being identical, with elevations in the cross-sections of the Project Plan, upon which Hilton International formulated Profitability Forecasts, to obtain State Guarantees from Sri Lanka Government, to finance this construction, which was a major fraud perpetrated on the people, rendering such guarantees null and void. Shockingly revealed are perverse endeavours, including by Auditors, KPMG Ford, Rhodes, Thornton & Co., to cover-up this massive fraud, involving upper echelons, with socio-political / international ramifications. Appallingly, criminal investigations were significantly abandoned, on advice of Attorney General. Securities Exchange Commission colluded to cover-up, whilst Chartered Accountants Institute endeavoured to whitewash miscreants. This is a revealingly absorbing Book of real experiences of the Author, in exposing and combating, a despicable fraud on the people, which to him was a crime against humanity, and would be invaluable to investigators and prosecutors of commercial frauds and crimes, and civil society urging equal enforcement of the rule of law.


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