Grands Visit the Stars: A Trip to the Planetarium Cecile Boyd Bullock Author
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In the book Grands Visit the Planetarium, you will find that it is very family orientated. Grandma and Grandpa love having their grandchildren come to visit. They plan interesting things for them to do and love participating with them. After their own children grow up and move out, they look forward to spending time with their grandchildren. Grandma enjoys getting ready by baking cookies. Grandpa prepares by mowing the lawn and tightening the screws on the Jungle Jim and swing set. Grandma and Grandpa find themselves amused by their grandchildrens antics. They also love the way their grandchildren work together. It fills Grandmas and Grandpas hearts having their grandchildren around. Grandparents are at a disadvantage when it comes to books directed toward them raising their grandchildren. The Grand series focuses on just that, along with the time they spend together. The Grand series centers on how you would like your grandchildren to respond to the rest of the family. The series also allows grandparents to personalize the story by inputting your grandchildrens names into the book.


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