Bless You Bollywood!: A Tribute to Hindi Cinema on Completing 100 Years Tilak Rishi Author
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May 3, 1913a historic day in the history of Indian Cinema. Indias first indigenous silent film Raja Harishchandra was released at the Coronation Cinema in Mumbai. This lay the foundation of what, in time, would grow to become the largest film-producing industry in the world. Spanning a wide range of decades, genres, and style, the Bollywood film culture in all its glory is a wonderful thing. Of the hundreds of great hits it has given, some have attained an aura of unparalleled respectability because, overtime, they continue to draw viewers in multitudes for weeks, months, and even years. Bless You Bollywood is an endeavor to pay tributes to the tallest among movie makers, artistes, composers, lyricists, and scriptwriters down the decades for contributing their extraordinary caliber to Bollywood.


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