The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God, Your Space Brothers and Sisters Greet You! Book Six Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD Author
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This incredible book gives you a peek into the world of spaceships as told by eleven Masters of the Ashtar Command. Each Presenter gives his or her description of what awaits us if we choose to be lifted up on board these beautiful UFOs of Light. Lord Yeshua/Jesus orchestrates this sixth book, as he introduces each Presenter: Andromeda Rex, Ashtar, Lady Tuella, Quan Yin, Lord Surea of Sirius, Christ Michael, Archangel Michael, Lady Nada, Divine Mother, Djwhal Khul, and Lord Sananda. There are twenty chapters that keep the Reader wanting more. We are told that the lift-offs onto these exquisite ships are by our free choice only. There will be four waves of opportunity for humanity to escape the rigors of Earth changes. Christians will equate this to the Rapture that is described in their bibles. We are told that this gift of lift-offs is through God's Dispensation that is offered to everyone, regardless of his or her religious affiliations. All that is required is love in one's heart toward humanity. You will be accepted. Book SIX will stretch your beliefs and bring you into the world of science fiction, except truth is spoken here. Be ready to be lifted into a new realityÑa reality of spaceships, the Masters' home away from Home.


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