Understanding Clave and Clave Changes: Singing, Clapping and Dancing Exercises - A Supplement to the Beyond Salsa Series Kevin Moore Author
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A supplement to the Beyond Salsa series, this is a hands-on course with four major sections, using dancing, clapping and singing exercises to explain the mysteries of the Cuban clave rhythm. Part 1 teaches absolute beginners with no training or experience to perform the various clave rhythms. Part 2 covers clave terminology in detail. Part 3 is an intermediate set of exercise designed to explain the confusing topic of clave direction. Part 4, for musicians and experienced dancers and listeners, tackles clave changes, one of the most misunderstood and hotly-debated topics in music. Also included is a general Rhythmic Terminology appendix, suggested listening and reading lists, and an introduction to the Beyond Salsa series of instruction books for piano, bass, timbales, drums, congas, bongó, and rhythm section ensemble.


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