The Industry Insiders' Guides to Buying Insurance: : Save $3,000 every year Dan Keppel Author
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Save $3,000 every year on the insurance you really need. Use our tricks of the trade to beat your agent's rates. Create a Wealth ReserveTM to self-insure small risks. Accumulate $100,000 in 15 years to protect your assets. Never pay retail again Your financial professionals-agents, advisors, brokers, managers-have been ripping you off for years. In the 21st century, you can purchase all your financial needs at a substantial discount, some to 60%. We will show you how to buy value-quality at the right price. You are already paying more premium for insurance than you need to. You are paying for things in your policy you don't even need. You are probably using companies that are in business to serve their agents and their stockholders more than to serve you. When you use our suggestions and start saving $3,000 every year, you can start building your Wealth ReserveTM.. This fund can help you save even more by using the strategy most businesses use to save on insurance. They self-insure some of their risks and save big. Most businesses pay less for their insurance needs by using their own interest-earning accounts to pay for losses, if they occur. You can do the same with your Wealth ReserveTM. Like most businesses, you can develop your own lifestyle security. Instead of paying for insurance you don't need, you tailor it to your way of living. For instance, you probably pay for a death benefit in your car insurance policy. If you already own low-cost term, you don't need to pay the high rates from your auto carrier.


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