S.M.I.T.E. Episode One The Nuclear Attack Donald Uttenmacher Author
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SMITE Episode I: The Nuclear Attack is a spellbinding fiction novel, teetering on the edge of reality. The story begins in 1983 with the bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut by a Hezbollah terrorist. In that actual terrorist attack, 241 marines and other military personnel were killed. Frustrated by the lack of retaliation, five army officer candidates form a tight-knit secret organization, whose mission is to seek and destroy international terrorists. The organization, named SMITE (Secret Military International Terrorist Exterminators), plays a key role when five al Qaeda terrorists from Iran infiltrate the United States with dirty bombs and threaten a nuclear attack in five major cities. With a surprise ending, the reader is left with a keen appreciation of the need for stronger national security, and a better understanding of the serious threat posed by global terrorism. The book offers fiction with a reality base, creating a dichotomy for the reader—could a terrorist attack such as this occur in our country?


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