An Interview With Satan: Satan Tells His Story James Rogers Author
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Does evil have a name? Can evil turned a person’s life into a living hell? These and many other questions that have hunted the human mind are now about to be answered in my new book, An Interview With Satan. In this once in a life time book, you the reader get a chance to read about how Satan, the devil, the evil one; really desires to kill, steal and destroy the human race. In this interview, Satan speaks out about Love, Hatred, The War In Heaven and his views about Almighty God. As you read this book, have an open mind and a heart of faith along with a spirit of Christ or Satan just might bring you into his web of deception. An Interview with Satan, is it real or just another trick that Satan the Devil has created in order to deceive the human race. Remember, one of Satan the Devil biggest deception was to convince the human race that he doesn’t exist. An Interview with Satan says he does exist and you need to read why he hates the human race so much. Are You ready!


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