The Missing Mind of Hippocrates: Spiritual, philosophical and mystical secret of sciences Truth and controversies Alain Ulrich Kabongo, Ph.D. Author
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In this book, entitled “The Missing Mind of Hippocrates,” I have addressed spiritual, philosophical, mystical and scientifi c fact. To demonstrate that we are spending our time in vain in seeking ways to extend our survival in leading research on invisible molecules and showing invalid scenario. The problem is elsewhere. I would not like to address these issues. If generally we can consider ourselves as the sole body, the association of knowledge about the beliefs would help doctors to prevent and cure many diseases without great efforts. Some characters as spiritual,administrative, political, socio-cultural and medical must be involved in this matter. Let us forget our religious, philosophical, cultural or ethnic affi liation. Learn the truth, compassion, meditate,transcend and we will influence our survival and our responsibility. Human beings have lost their viability to 1 and 12%? Here, you can see the average of our wellness through the connection of the seven dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional,intellectual, environmental, social, spiritual and transcendental) to transpersonal tips (awareness, pity, truth, motivation, wisdom, personal transformation). The world is working to reduce the mortality rate and increase survival and life expectancy,without taking this aspect into account. We are at risk of being all of us under the average age of maturity, from the ever life, eternity, 2000 years, 1000 years, 500 years, 250 years, 150years, and 100 years to 50 years of age as a life expectancy at this century. There was an original gene (GENE-U), mutated to molecular gene (master of life expectancy). Each century, molecular genes undergo multiple transformations in its mystical correlation to GENE-U. Life expectancy will fall to 30, 20, 10, 5 and 0 and human life of our race will disappear to leave life to new species of human-being, probably with a new GENE-U. At this point we can claim the end of the world, not gratuitously to prophesise through different phenomena. This is a paganism which put the world a complicated situation. Finally I conclude that the end of the world is when the expectancy life reaches the biological immature age, however humans become unable to reproduce and take care of others. A child can live only for determined times and pass on. What will remain? What about Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo sapiens? Why not HOMO XXXX? In this book, there is truth and controversies about transpersonal studies applied in clinical trials, these were conducted using statistical methodology. Meditation is a master our wellbeing.


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