Peer Owners - Your Net (V1.0): A way to get organized by equally owning the assets/properties of the organization; A business model solving social mat
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Peer owners - Your net (V.0) This book is a manual describing a new idea for reinforcing the individuals in their groups, by the ComComIsm- ComCom stands for COMmon COMpany - a company for realizing common objectives. More: ComComism is a peaceful way to change what must be changed toward your side - use it for having more individual freedom and power in your group; The assets of any democratic organization must be owned equally by all its members! Why? For increasing the power of each individual, for protecting minorities and for protecting against takeover by any single entity and as such it also provides a litmus paper as for the end goal inattention of each individual entering an association! As the members in their unit are shareholder having equal number of shares in it - their membership becomes tradable, making their representatives better satisfying them, or suffering the fall of the units' value. The goal of this concept is a stock market for shareholders having equal number of shares and until then this concept is a new one. Examples: In different groups, we the people, can be the peer owners of the (isp of the) Internet, of some bank systems and/or some means of production of renewable energy, while breaking (e.g. by govcomcomizing) the infinite cycle of bailouts and privatization! I cut myself off from the mass democracy, in which i am lost, into groups in which each member is also a peer owner of its assets! The distribution and licensing of this manual is designed for others making it better while earning from doing so - ComCom, standing for Common Company, What is that? 1. Tradability: Based on a contract, any ComComized unit, being one of the 3: Scomcomized, Icomcomized or Dcomcomized, guarantees equality between its peer members being its owners, sitting at its top and owning equal share of it - like shareholders having equal number of its shares. 2. The d: Added together, all the peers own one portion of the unit, as the rest of the unit (if any) is owned by ordinary (non-peer) owners and the ratio of the peers' portion is d (as d*100 is the percentage), where d of Scomcomized unit is only once defined. 3. Layering: Each peer owner is either a person or a ComComized unit, where each ordinary owner of Scomcom is either a person or a legal body. 4. One position - one owner: Directly or indirectly, holding more than one position in it is forbidden. 5. Peers' autonomy: The number of peers holding it must be agreed independently amongst themselves. 6. Recursiveness of the contract: Buyers of any of its shares must agree with all the 17 points establishing any ComComized unit! Hence: A) One owner alone could never legally possess it (making it a bad pill for the big ones), while B) its proxies/representatives are constantly re-evaluated (since each peer, like a shareholder, can independently exit with a return value while directly re-setting the unit's value) and C) it is more balanced yet dynamic, authentically growing and scalable! Such units can bring back the commercial aspects for better serving your social matter, strengthening your power with the power of your peers and adding new additional commercial means to realize your own small/big projects/causes/businesses -Wherever is your position in this oligopoly! It is all about your power - the power of the peers, it is now in your hands - to use the law to work for you and all you need for that is to find your peers; It is as it were to establish your own new peerage, inheritable in contract - not by blood.


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