I watch and I cry: A Brain in a chair: The Face of Lou Geherig's Disease Michael C Spencer Mr. Author
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This book is about the journey of dealing with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). My wife Kenni Spencer, contacted this evil disease in 2009 and none of us even knew what it was nor what to expect. As with all terminal diseases, the print journey, is usually defined in words of hope, thankfulness, and new experiences. STOP...this book is about the real face of ALS. It charts the known's, the unknowns, the fears, the hopelessness, and the frustrations. This book shares the rawness and frankness of the ALS disease journey. It shares the whole dynamics that this disease manifests itself within the family structure. This book, the true face of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), is not to enjoy, but to clarify and understand the reality of it's impact. There is this huge degree of hopelessness for ALS victims. I am hoping that by writing this book, and explaining the journey, some bits of hope can be realized for futures to come.


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