Get The Job At Google: Craft a Great Résumé, Network Effectively & Ace the Interviews The Easy Guides to great Job Olfina LLC Author
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It's a fact-- Google receives a resume every 25 seconds and uses an algorithm to screen more than one-million applicants per year. How can you stand out in this sea of talented candidates? We've developed this step-by-step guide to show you how to: Craft a resume that highlights your "Google-y" qualities and abilities. Optimize your responses to Google's Online Job Applicant Survey. Leverage your experience and entrepreneurial skills to compensate for a less-than-straight-A GPA. Understand why and how the Google Culture and flat management structure plays a role in the company's hiring practices. Better prepare yourself for the series of required phone & face to face interviews. Information is power. "Get the Job At Google" will help you navigate Google's legendary recruitment process and maximize your opportunity to interview with the "Masters Of The Online Universe." Get started now!


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